This story is rated M/18.

Frank Donovan leaves the UC team in Chicago after a nasty divorce and begins a new career with a serial killer task force in Miami, Florida.

Disclaimer: UC:  Undercover belongs to the writers, creators, etc., of NBC.  I do not own the character of Frank Donovan, I am only borrowing him for a few minutes.  All other  characters, the plot, and themes belong solely to the twisted imagination of the author.  Please do not use any original concept without the express permission of the author.

A/N: Some areas in Florida do not exist.  The towns of Springville and Brandonville do not exist as far as the author is aware.  There is no such resort as Favron.  All other locations such as Chicago or Miami exist, but the author is unaware if Miami actually has a Spicer Avenue. 

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