Disclaimer: The character of Ardeth Bay belongs to Stephen Sommers and Universal Studios. No infringement is intended. All the others characters belong to the author.

 Rated: MA 18+

 Authorís note: This story was originally written in Spanish, almost two years ago. I never thought to translate it, because by then, I didnít know enough English to do it. But, although now, my English has got better, I still think itís a hard task for me. So, itís there where my good friend Eva goes into action. She volunteered to do me this favor and this is the result. Thank you very much, Hon, for your enormous help. And also, I must thank my beta, Claudia, who is doing a great and hard job and above all, for finding a bit of time to do this for me. Thank you, Sweetie. You both are incredible!!

But, Iíd like to warn you all, that in this story youíre going to find a softer and kinder side of Ardethís nature. Maybe, this is something that doesnít like too much at first, but when you finish reading the whole story, I hope you had changed your mind. So, enjoy it!!

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