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Comments: This is the sequel to “The Fall of Antoine.” Once again, if you’re not into happy endings and mush you may want to move on. The opinions in the story are just for the flow I hope nobody gets offended.

Josey was sitting behind her desk tapping away at her keyboard. She couldn’t believe she was actually sitting there and writing about “Antoine.” She had been surprised when he told her he wanted to write about his life. After they were wed, he suddenly expressed an interest about telling his story. He wasn’t sure why at first. They didn’t need money they had plenty, he certainly wasn’t planning on getting publicity from it, Josey would write it under an assumed name. Josey felt it was more of a need to unburden himself of his past.

Josey understood his need and was more than willing to help him in whatever way necessary. Every night after making love, they’d lie in bed. Anthony would recall everything he could. She had pages of notes about unusual clients and mishaps. She even got to hear about Deuce Bigalow who wrecked his apartment and actually caused his arrest. He had told her about being in prison, the people he had met and how he got released.

They had a great time writing about how they met although Josey was embarrassed to find out he had heard parts of her conversations both with her mother and with Stacy. She was actually flattered that he had gone through all that trouble just to win her over. It had led to a rather intense conversation between them. He admitted to her that at first he was intent on seducing her. It was the night she helped him that he thought of making it a more serious pursuit. He confessed that by Thanksgiving he had fallen in love with her. She had fallen in love with him by then as well.

The hardest part for Anthony was talking about Bethany. It was one of the few times she had seen Anthony moved to tears. She couldn’t understand how anyone could be that cruel. That was one woman who would be very sorry if she ever crossed Josey’s path. She looked at their wedding photo sitting on her desk.

She could hardly believe they’d been married three months. She looked at him in the picture, him, and his million-dollar smile. God she loved that smile, he lit up the whole room when he flashed those pearly whites at her. He still had a maddening effect on her. Every kiss, every touch still excited her as if for the first time. She loved that constant feeling of new and familiar every time they made love. She smiled at the thought that he was all hers.

They had a wonderful honeymoon as well. Anthony took her home to Italy. He rented a charming villa for them to stay in and he took her to all the sights. He even took her to the Coliseum and they got to walk through the underground catacombs. Of course, there was plenty of love making as well.

She loved the new house and finally feeling free of her mother although she missed her sisters terribly. Her mother had kept her word and sent her sisters off to a boarding school in Connecticut. Josey had tried to call but they told her the girls were unavailable. Her letters came back unopened. Anthony knew it was breaking her heart to be apart from them.

She was still writing for Stacy and JC although not as much. Stacy would still tease her from time to time about unwittingly seducing the gigolo. She knew she was joking, and took assignments from Stacy when she felt the need. She and Anthony had more than enough money to live very comfortably for the rest of their lives, of course Anthony was all she truly needed. She had never been so happy. Just then, the phone rang.

“Josephine Laconte,” she answered.

“Bonjourno, Cara Mia,” came Anthony’s sexy voice, “I love the way that sounds.”

“Mi amore,” she smiled into the phone, “Did Mama and Popi get off all right?”

“They are happily winging back home to Italy,” he said, “Of course I had to hear the whole, “Where are our grandchildren?” speech.”

“What did you say?”

“That we’ve only been married three months,” he said, “We’re just getting settled into all this.”

“Do you want to try?” she asked.

“I doubt we’d have to try long.”

“You’re terrible,” she smiled.

“You love it,” he said, “And if you feel ready we may try. I left before you got up. What are you wearing?” She smiled to herself.

“I’m wearing a cream colored sundress. I think it maybe too thin,” she heard Anthony’s breath take a sharp in take, “I bet you could see my nipples right through it.”

“You are bra less?” he asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

“Of course,” she smiled, “And it’s just a tad bit cold in here.”

“You are wicked,” he said, “You know how to tease me.”

“Just like I know you wore your leather pants this morning, and you’re not wearing any underwear. So tell me,” she asked teasingly, “How does it feel to have that big hard throbbing muscle of yours against that leather?”

“Not as good as it would feel to be buried inside of you,” he hissed, “I want to hear your swansong Cara Mia, to hear you writhing beneath me.” Josey could feel her own arousal pooling between her legs as he spoke lowly to her.


“Yes Cara Mia,”

“Come home,” she smiled.

“As you wish,” he said, “I love you Cara Mia.”

“I love you too Mi amore.”

“Ciao Bella,”

“Ciao,” She hung up the phone after he did. She loved that she could arouse him so easily at times.

“Madam Laconte?” came a female voice. Josey looked up to see Hannah standing there. “There’s a man here to see you, a Mr. Rogers. He says he’s here about your father’s estate,” said Hannah.

“Really?” said Josey cocking on eyebrow, “Show him in, I’ll be right there.”

“Yes madam,” said Hannah.

“Shit,” she said, “Anthony’s on his way home all hot and bothered and I’ve got company. I’ve got to get rid of this guy.”

Josey rose from behind her desk. She made her way across the room to the door. She stopped just inside and reached under her dress. She pulled her little patch from her hip with a smile.

“Won’t be needing you for a while,” she said, dropping it in the trash.

Just outside she removed her slippers and slid on her heels. A smile crossed her lips. She had a special shoe rack built into the wall while they were on their honeymoon. It was one of Anthony’s little quirks but she loved it. Anyone who did business in that room took their shoes off, rarely was there an exception. “Him and his eighteenth century Persian rugs,” she thought.

She made her way to the living room where she found Mr. Rogers waiting for her. He rose to meet her. He was a short man, small with glasses. He was warm and friendly towards her she approached him.

“Mrs. Laconte?”

“Yes,” she said.

“I’m James Rogers, I’m from the firm Rogers, Matthews, and Kershaw. We’re in charge of your fathers estate,” he said.

“Please sit,” she smiled, “Can I offer you something to drink?”

“No thank you,” he said sitting, “Is Mr. Laconte here? This concerns him as well.”

“He should be here any minute,” just then the front door opened and closed, “That’s probably him now.”

She walked over and soon Anthony appeared. She went up the steps and greeted her husband. She loved how he thought nothing of kissing her passionately in front of their guest, even kneading her buttocks a bit. Not like he could help himself, she had fanned the flame inside him and she could see the look of frustration burning in his eyes as he saw they had company.

She looked in his eyes her soft lips curling into a soft smile. He could see it in her eyes that she was sorry and more than willing to make it up to him when they were alone. Anthony kissed her hand giving her a heated gaze. She knew their lovemaking would be fast and furious when it came. She led Anthony inside.

“Darling this is Mr. Rogers,” she said, “Mr. Rogers my husband, Anthony.”

Josey watched as Mr. Rogers rose to meet her husband. Most people had to look up to Anthony but Mr. Rogers especially so. Anthony stood over Mr. Rogers by quite a bit. Josey couldn’t help but smile at how sexy he looked in his favorite blue silk shirt and tight leather pants. She also noticed Mr. Rogers grimace at Anthony’s handshake, he had a strong grip.

“I’m here about Mr. Winters estate,” said Rogers.

They all sat and Josey slipped into her husband arms as they sat on the couch. She felt Anthony’s thigh flex as she rested her hand on it. She had a hard throbbing between her legs that she was anxious to satisfy. “Please make this quick,” she thought.

“I guess I don’t understand what’s to discuss,” said Josey, “I failed to meet my father’s requirements when I married Anthony, and the deadline to meet them has long since passed as well. I love my husband and nothing’s going to change that.”

“You’re right you didn’t meet those requirements, but you did meet others,” said Mr. Rogers.

“What others?” asked Josey.

“There were other stipulations in your father’s will. They not only affect you but your sisters, as well as your husband.”

“I don’t understand,” she said sounding alarmed.

“I think this will explain everything,” he handed Josey a videotape.

Josey took it and stared at it for a moment. Anthony placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and he smiled softly at her. She stood up and took the tape to the VCR. She turned everything on and waited. Anthony heard her breath catch as a man appeared on the screen. Anthony assumed that it was her father. He sat quietly and listened.

“Hello Princess,” said the man, “If you are watching this tape then I’m very proud of you. I hated to do this like this but I had to be sure. By now I’m sure you’ve seen your mother's true colors. It’s because of her that I put those stipulations in my will. I wanted to be sure that you didn’t repeat my mistakes,” he said. “I only wanted you to be happy Princess. I know that if you are watching this you followed your heart and married for love. I wish I could have been there, I bet you were beautiful,” he paused, “Because you married for love you will not inherit five million dollars, you will inherit twenty million. Your sisters will inherit equal amounts as well when they turn twenty-one. Your mother will be stripped of everything but the stipend that she is all ready receiving. I’ve had papers drawn up for you. She will leave the mansion. She will be moved into a modest apartment I have secured for her. She will also turn over custody of your sisters to you and your husband. Please watch over your sisters for me,” he said, “I will always love you my precious blossom, be happy.” The tape ended and Anthony went to her. He hugged her close seeing tears in her eyes.

“Cara Mia,” he said.

“Mrs. Laconte,” said Mr. Rogers softly. They turned to the man.

“I have all the paperwork here for you. As soon as you sign them we can serve your mother.” Josey sat with Anthony and looked over the papers. She signed them and handed them back.

“We’ll have your mother served and the money will be wired to your account within forty-eight hours.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“Of course,” he said, “It’s nice to get to deliver good news. Goodbye.” He shook their hands and left. Josey stood there for a moment.

Her mind was reeling. She couldn’t believe it; she had thought her inheritance was gone. She was perfectly content to live off of what she and Anthony had, what they would get if he sold his book, now she was a multi-millionaire. She just couldn’t get over it. She soon felt Anthony’s hand on her shoulder.

“Cara Mia,” he said softly, “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I guess I’m just in shock,” she said, “Goodness Anthony I never got to ask if you’re all right with all this.”

“It’s all right,” he started.

“Well this is your house as well.”

“And your sisters are family, they are always welcome in our home,” he said.

“I want to go get them tomorrow. I want them out of that horrible school and here with us.”

“Of course Cara Mia,” he said caressing her cheek, “I will make all the arrangements.”

“You are so wonderful,” she smiled, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” he said pulling her close, “Now I believe there was talk of working on a baby, although it’s hardly work.”

“I would hope not,” she smiled. She felt her desire quickly coming to a boil within her. She was now back on course.

“Cara Mia,” he smiled kissing her lips, “I wanted to ring that mans neck.” He groaned as he kissed her neck now, “I just wanted to come home and take you. Let’s get started on that baby.”

“You know I just removed the patch so I doubt I’ll get pregnant today,” she smiled as she pressed against him.

“So we’ll call this a practice run,” he said.

She wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders as he hungrily kissed her mouth. He loved the way she tasted as he probed her mouth. He reached down and grabbed her around the waist and hips. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She tore her mouth from his and looked at him with a smile.

“I love it when you’re spontaneous,” she laughed.

He strode down the hall with her heading to their bedroom. Instead of taking her to the bed, he pressed her against the wall causing her to gasp. She could feel his erection pressing against her. He attacked her mouth nearly stealing her breath away. She sunk her fingers into his thick hair hanging on to his hard body.

He reached up and cupped a breast in his hand. Her nipples were all ready straining against the thin material as he massaged them with his fingers. He bent his head to nuzzle her breast through her dress. She let out a gasp as he drew a nipple into his mouth, material and all. He flicked his tongue hard over her as she moaned against the feeling.

He groaned as she began rubbing against him feeling how hard he was. He was so hard and so willing. She loved it. Something snapped inside Josey and she just wanted to feel her husband inside her. She pulled back from Anthony and looked in his eyes with a smoldering look.

“Why don’t you let me climb on top of you and ride you like a bull?”

“God, I love it when you’re naughty,” he smiled.

“I know,” she smiled back.

He moved to the bed and sat with her so she straddled his lap. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his broad shoulders. She pushed him back on the bed and smiled at him. She reached back and unzipped her dress. She slipped it off and Anthony smiled that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He reached up and cupped her breasts as she rubbed against him. She began rocking against his erection and felt him grab her hips.

“You make me ruin these pants and I will make you pay,” he hissed.

“Oh,” she cooed, “Are you going to spank me?”

“Wench,” he hissed.

“You love it!”

She leaned over him and kissed him deeply. He kissed her back as he ran his hands over her back and down to her bottom. She kissed down his neck and back up to his ear. She heard him sigh as she licked it and nipped at the skin. She worked back down to his throat, lingering by his Adam’s apple. She licked him again enjoying the taste of him. Josey kissed across his chest, licking him and nipping at his skin before getting to his flat nipple. She teased and bit them gently causing him to moan.

“God that feels good,” he moaned as she ran her tongue over his nipples making them sensitive.

“You like the way my tongue feels on you?” she asked him.

“Yeah, baby,” he groaned as she licked her way down his stomach, dipping her tongue into his bellybutton. “Fuck,” he groaned again as he arched under her. She smiled at his response.

She slipped down and undid his pants quickly removing them. She then stood up and Anthony raised his head to watch as she slipped her panties off and then kissed her way back up his strong body. She could feel him shaking as she kissed up his strong legs to his thighs. She loved the way his skin tasted.

The feel of her hair trailing over him, her breasts brushing his skin, he wanted her now. He fought back the feeling wanting to let her have her control, for now. She slipped her hand down cupping his sack. He groaned again as she gently massaged it. She could tell he wanted more from her and lowered her head.

She nuzzled him at first, placing soft kisses on his hot skin. Finally, she began caressing his hard shaft with her soft tongue causing his breath to catch. He loved it when she touched him that way. He had often thought back to the Limo and the first time she did it. She was so gentle and attentive that it had become a like a drug to him. To have her please him that way was his sweet addiction.

She slowly drew him into her mouth stroking him gently causing him to let out a moan. She felt him twine his fingers into her long hair. She started slow and slowly increased the pace. He moaned louder as she stroked the length of him. She felt his breath catch as she ringed her fingers around him.

“Cara Mia,” he groaned, “I need to be inside you.”

Josey rose up at her husband’s words and straddled his body. His erection pushed against her seeking entrance to her slick opening. She guided herself onto his long shaft feeling both their bodies tense at the feel. She planted her hands on his chest and felt him grip her hips, as she started moving on him. He immediately began moving his hips thrusting into her eager opening.

“Oh God,” she moaned as he reached up and fondled her breasts. “Ohhhh,” she cried out again as their bodies pounded together racing for a release.

He just about lost it when she repositioned, leaning backwards and placing her hands on his strong thighs. She continued to move against him as he moaned under her.

“Shit!” he groaned as she rode him hard.

He suddenly couldn’t take it anymore. Without warning, he sat up grabbing her around her waist. Without moving from her, he rolled on top of her and began thrusting into her as she let out a laugh. That just made him groan louder as he thrusted into her harder. She clutched at his hard buttocks as he pounded into her.

“Oh God, you’re tight,” he groaned into her ear.

“And you love it,” she moaned, “Oh darling, oh yes. Oh Tony!”

She suddenly bucked wildly as she hit her release. He thrust into her a few more times before finding his own, pumping his warmth deep into her body. He moved from her and then pulled her into his strong arms. She smiled as he nuzzled her neck. She felt his breath on her neck as it started to return to normal.

“Your sisters are sleeping on the other side of the house,” he said softly into her ear, “We’re both too enthusiastic.”

“If you insist,” she smiled she turned to face him.

“I love you Josey,” he said kissing her soft lips.

“I love you too.”

The next morning they were up early to leave for Connecticut. Josey could hardly wait to see her sisters and bring them home to California. Tony had their bags placed in the car and then went back inside to find Josey. She was just hanging up the phone when he walked in. She looked so beautiful standing there. She was wearing a simple pink sundress with spaghetti straps, fitted bodice, and full skirt. He took a moment to gaze at her long silky legs. As the sun hit her, he could almost see through the thin material. God he loved her. He finally spoke.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“Mr. Rogers,” she said, “They will be serving my mother in a few hours.”

“Well,” he said, “Ready to go get your sisters?”

“Definitely,” she said.

They headed back out to the limo and were soon on their way to the airport. Once they were finally on the plane Josey started to relax. She took a sip of her husband’s wine as they settled in for the flight. Anthony watched as she took out her laptop to work on his story. He slipped an arm around her shoulder and looked at the screen while she typed.

They sat quietly and from time to time, he would give her another detail as she typed trying to organize his thoughts into a book. Even if it never got published, he could at least get it off his chest. He was careful to try to be vague and change names to protect his former clients.

It was a long flight and soon he started to drift off. Josey worked for a little bit longer before deciding to join him. She put her computer away and slipped under his arm to sleep. He instinctively pulled her close to him and she cuddled against him feeling his breath on her neck.

They woke up when they announced they were getting ready to land. They gathered their things and Josey was anxious now. She hadn’t seen or heard from her sisters since she married Anthony. It had taken all her strength just to get them into her wedding party. She missed them dearly and just wanted to see them again.

When they arrived at the school, they were told to wait. He placed a hand on his wife’s knee as he saw it shaking. He could tell that she was a bit nervous. He squeezed her knee and she looked at him. He gave her a soft smile that made her warm inside. There was something about him that made her feel like she could move mountains if she had too.

He gave her a confidence that she had never felt before, not just sexually but in all facets of her life. She placed her hand on his feeling his wedding ring and smiled back at him. Soon they were asked to join the head mistress in her office. They walked in and took their seats.

“Mr. and Mrs. Laconte,” she said, “What can I do for you?”

“I’m here for my sisters, Jasmine and Jacqueline Winters,” said Josephine.

“Well I’m not at liberty to just release students to anyone who walks in,” she said coldly.

“Well I have here a copy of the papers giving me full custody of my sisters. I wish to withdraw them from this school immediately,” she said.

“Your mother has all ready paid their tuition,” said the woman, “I think she might have something to say about all this. Maybe I should call her.”

“You can, but I doubt she’d be in a good mood right now. She is right now being asked to vacate my house. As for that tuition check, we’ve stopped payment on it. Now, if you will kindly tell me where my sisters are.” The woman reached for her intercom.

“Yes Miss Midle,” said the girl.

“Could you please get me the class schedules for the Winter's girls?”

“Yes ma’am,”

A few minutes later, the girl came in with the folder. Soon they were leaving the office and heading across the campus towards her sisters. They went to Jasmine’s classroom first. Josey didn’t even wait she just barged in, her husband right behind her.

“Excuse me but you can’t just barge in here,” said the teacher.

“Josey,” said Jasmine seeing her. She bolted from her desk running to her sister, “What are you doing here?”

“We’re taking you home,” said Josey hugging her sister. “You and Jackie are going to be staying with me and Anthony from now on.”

“Thank you,” she said hugging Anthony as well.

“Come on,” he said, “Let’s get Jackie.”

They all left and headed towards Jackie’s class. She too leapt to her feet as she saw her sister. She started crying as she hugged her sisters. They walked down the hall and left to go to their dorm rooms. When they arrived there were already men packing her sisters things.

Josey gave them bags with outfits she had bought for them. They changed out of their school uniforms as their things were packed into trunks to go to the airport. The girls were thrilled when they saw the limo waiting to take them to the airport. The girls were so excited that they were going to be living in California and could hardly wait.

The trunks were sent to California, but they boarded a plane to Wisconsin. Josey had some unfinished business with her mother. Soon they were on the way to settle the score.

Rachel was standing outside when the Limo pulled up. Her eyes burned as she watched Anthony step out along with her daughters. She crossed her arms and just glared at Josey as she walked up.

“How dare you,” she hissed at her, “You will pay for doing this to me.”

“I didn’t do anything to you. You screwed yourself,” said Josey. “I’m relieved to know that my father was on to you and your bullshit games. You’re getting exactly what you deserve.”

“I don’t deserve to be forced out of my house,” she said.

“It was my father’s decision not mine, but I’m glad he thought of it.”

“You bitch,” she hissed at Josey. Josey slapped her face hard.

“Get your shit and get out of my house,” said Josey, “I never want to see your face as long as I live.”

“I should have gotten rid of you when I had the chance,” said Rachel, “All of you. Then I wouldn’t have had to waste my life trying to get what I deserved. I should have made you marry Doug when I had the chance. The one thing he didn’t do was knock some sense into you.” Josey turned back to her.

“You knew,” said Josey, “Somehow, you knew even before daddy died. You knew when I was with Doug. You weren’t planning on him dumping me were you? Five million dollars wasn’t enough to be married to your fat daughter was it? You weren’t willing to offer him more were you?" said Josey. “I bet you he’s the one who told you about Antoine. He saw us together at my reunion. You knew he beat me too. Did you know he did everything this side of raping me? You were willing to sell me for twenty million dollars, you heartless bitch.”

“Josey,” said Anthony softly placing a hand on her shoulder, “Come on, she’s not worth it.”

“You should talk,” said Rachel, “The very idea of a prostitute talking to me that way. You can change your name but you’ll always be a worthless whore.”

This time when Josey struck her she caught her with the back of the hand and sent her reeling backwards onto her rear. Rachel grabbed her face. There was blood on her cheek and she felt the gash that Josey’s wedding rings had left. Josey tore from Anthony’s grasp and loomed over her mother.

“Don’t you ever speak to my husband like that again,” she said, “He may have sold his body, but at least he never sold his soul. And he would never sell his daughter to the highest bidder. You make me sick. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut your mouth or I’ll fix it so you have nothing. I want everyone of her boxes checked before they leave this house,” said Josey, “I don’t want her taking anything that belongs to me.”

Josey turned and went into the house as Anthony followed her. She made her way upstairs. Anthony suggested that the girls go to their rooms and start packing their things for the move. He followed Josey upstairs and found her in the bedroom. She was standing there looking at the picture of her and her father on the mantle. He walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Darling,” he said softly, “Are you all right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said letting out a sigh. She turned to him and was greeted by his soft eyes. “I just want this over. They can take everything. I want my sisters things packed and sent to our home. If there are any knick-knacks or anything they want that’s fine. All I want from this house are my father’s pictures, the things from his office, and this bed.”

“The bed?” he asked.

“I want the bed that we first made love in,” she said looking at him, “The bed where you first told me you loved me.”

“If that is your wish,” he said softly. He gently kissed her lips as a tear slid down her cheek, “Do not cry Cara Mia.”

He pressed his lips to hers drawing her into his strong arms. He deepened the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He slipped his fingers into her hair and pulled her head back probing her mouth more fully. She let out a moan as his tongue swept through her mouth. He soon tore his mouth from hers and started kissing up to her ear.

“Honey, my sisters,” she sighed.

“They are on the other side of the house packing their things,” he said as he nipped at her ear.

“Anthony,” she sighed.

“Yes,” he said as he slid his hand down and cupped her buttocks.

“Make love to me,” she moaned.

"As you wish."

He kissed her mouth again before reaching down and scooping her into his arms. He carried her to the bed and smiled as he laid her down. He had often thought back to that first night they made love, the night she became his for the first time. The thought of taking her in that bed again made his heart race. He kissed her gently and ran his strong hands over her stripping her of her dress.

She reached up pulling his shirt from his waistband and slipping it over his head. She pulled her husband to her and caressed his cheek feeling the softness of his beard under her hand. He kissed her lips again as he drew her close, their bare skin touching. He blazed a trail of hot but tender kisses over her soft skin. He caressed her body feeling her eager response, her moans of pleasure.

He moved down brushing his beard against her soft breasts, feeling a shudder pass thourgh her body. He brushed his lips over her nipple gently teasing it a bit before licking it with his tongue. He rolled his tongue over the hard peak as she pressed against him. He drew it into his mouth sucking it gently at first then putting more pressure to her skin.

“Oh Tony,” she moaned, “Oh baby, that feels good.”

He smiled slightly as he released her nipple letting her breast pull from his lips. She had certainly become more vocal since they had wed. It turned him on even more when they engaged in their heated pillow talk. He repeat his actions on her other breast before moving down her body. He trailed kisses down her stomach, moving ever lower to the sweet oasis between her silken thighs.

He doubted he could ever tire of making love to her. Every time they made love, it was like the first time all over again. He ran his hands down her body feeling her rise to his touch, nipping at her skin as he moved her panties from her. She felt him nuzzle her nest of tight curls and let out a soft whimper. The things he could do to her, she loved every one. He smiled as she parted her legs to his soft touch.

“I love your smell,” he said as he kissed her inner thigh “The way you taste,” he moved to her taking a long slow taste of her.

“Oh God,” she moaned, “You and that wonderful tongue.”

“Just wait Cara, I’m only getting started.”

He massaged her gently with a finger as she twined her fingers into his long hair. She could feel his hot breath on her thighs as he caressed her causing soft moans to break from her lips. He slipped a finger into her probing her as she arched to his touch. Her moans becoming stronger as he increased his pace. He brought his mouth down on her causing her to cry out for him.

“I don’t know if I can take much more,” she moaned.

“The best is still to come,” he said. God he needed to feel her.

She watched as he moved from her and slipped his pants over his strong hips. Anthony always seemed ready for her and she sometimes felt guilty that she did so little for him at times. He never complained though, he seemed to get all the pleasure he needed touching her. She did make it a point to pleasure him as often as he pleasured her. He went back to her and she eagerly opened her legs to him. She closed her eyes and waited.

After a moment, he guided himself into her hearing a moan escape her lips. He began to move inside her feeling her muscles clamping down on him. This time however he was determined to draw out their lovemaking. He had a little surprise for her. He started out slowly thrusting into her causing her to sigh deeply and cry out for him.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed, “Oh…yes,” she moaned as he pumped into her.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Oh God yes,” she moaned.

He increased his pace slowly over several minutes but before she could hit her release, he withdrew from her completely. She let out a whimper before feeling his hand on her. He turned her to her stomach and grabbed her hips bringing her to her knees before him. He had yet to take her that way and she felt a rush of anticipation. He gave her a slight slap on her ass.

“Oh,” she said. “What’s that for?” she asked.

“For nearly ruining my favorite pants,” he said in a low tone, “Now you will pay.”

He guided into her again causing her to cry out. She gripped the sheets and struggled to stay on her knees, it felt like they had turned to jelly. He once again started pumping into his wife slowly at first withdrawing completely before thrusting hard into her. He was taking his sweet time and it was driving her wild.

“Ohhhh,” she cried as he pounded against her backside, “Oh… God… yes,”

He once again increased his pace pounding her hard while grabbing her hips. She cried out for him and once again let out a whimper of protest as he pulled from her. She wasn't ready for him to stop.

He once again rolled her to her back and she gave him a look of disbelief. Anthony had been known to go long but this was new even for him. She looked at his erection full and engorged. Then she saw it, the gold ring around his manhood, a smile crossed her lips. She found her voice.

“I swear to God,” she said, “If you don’t finish this soon I’m going to explode.”

“Tell me what you want?” he said with a devilish smile that made her tremble. She knew what he wanted her to say.

“To take me now,” she said, “Please,”

“As you wish,” he said.

He grabbed her legs pulling her hard against him and almost impaling her on his shaft. He instead guided into her as she let out a deep moan. He slipped his arms under her legs settling her legs in the crook of his arms, spreading her wider. He began pounding into her as she cried out for him. Sweat formed on their bodies as he finally sped them towards a sweet release. Soon Josey bucked wildly against her husband arching her back, her eyes rolling into her head as she climaxed several times.

With a few more powerful thrusts, he joined her almost falling on her when he was done. He pulled from her body but she wrapped her arms around him and held him to her. She ran her hands over his back and couldn’t help but laugh a bit. He lifted his head to look at her.

“What?” he smiled.

“What ever possessed you to use one of those?” she asked.

“Just thought I’d try something new,” he said, “Did you enjoy it?”

“What do you think?” she smiled kissing his soft lips, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They spent the next few days at the house overseeing the packing before heading back to California. Her mother had been removed from the house the first day and escorted to her new apartment. Although Josey was assured it was a nice place, she knew her mother wouldn’t be grateful. Josey was relieved to be rid of the house and her mother. She just wanted to get back to California and get back to making a baby with her husband.

Josey’s sisters soon settled into their new house and new school. They loved living in California and having a house on the beach. They were soon making lots of friends and Josey was happy that they were free of her mother.

Josey was busy working on the book and Anthony was working on his new interest, which was opening a stateside branch of his father’s restoranti. After taking care of his finances and successfully investing that money, his father had faith in him to take care of the restaurant.

Even though he didn’t have to work it was nice to have another interest. He wasn’t one for just lying around the house. Although they all had their own projects Anthony always made time for his bride, often sneaking home in the middle of the day while her sisters were at school.

He thought nothing of slipping out of work, picking up some take-out and a bottle of wine before rushing home to be with her. More often than not, he would make up an excuse to stay there. She knew of a few times when they had almost been caught by her sisters during a late afternoon tryst. She loved that he was so passionate and carefree when it came to their lovemaking. She never got tired of his advances no matter when they came.

It was just a few months after their return to California that Josey started feeling a little strange. She would feel tired, light headed, and such. It wasn’t until she got sick one morning that she suspected that she was pregnant. She felt a bit nervous about suddenly being pregnant; she knew that Anthony would be excited though. She went to the doctor to have it confirmed. That afternoon she sat behind her desk with a soft smile on her face. She could hardly wait for him to get home.

Anthony came home to a quiet house that night. He checked on the girls, who were in their rooms doing their homework. They said that Josey was in her office. Anthony went to her office and didn’t see her. He stepped in and saw the patio doors open.

He looked out to see her leaning against the pillar. She was wearing a simple white peasant dress belted at the waist, her long hair falling to her waist. The sun was setting into the evening sky turning it a wonderful mix of purple and blues. She just stood there standing out looking at the sunset.

He was quiet as he walked over to her. He could feel it in the air, there was something going on. He didn’t feel nervous about it though. She felt his hand on her shoulder and turned to him. There was something in her eyes. There was a certain softness that was different. Her face was relaxed and even though she wasn’t smiling just then there was a glow on her face. She seemed like she was at peace.

“Hi,” he said softly.

“Hi,” she responded.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she said smiling now, her eyes dancing a bit, “How was your day?”

“All right,” he said, “Just the unusual restaurant stuff. What about you?”

“Oh just the usual,” she said walking past him a bit, “I got the girls off to school, had lunch, worked on the book.” She turned back to him, “Oh I did go to the doctor.”

“The doctor?” he said, “Cara,” he smiled pulling her close, “Are you?”

“Yes,” she said smiling.

“Cara,” he said sweeping her into his arms. He lifted her off the ground and spun her around causing her to squeal. He then set her down and looked at her, “How far are you?”

“Almost two months,” she said, “I suspected but I’ve been late before. When I got sick this morning I decided I better be checked out to be sure.”

“A baby,” he said placing his strong hand to her stomach, “Cara Mia, it is wonderful news!”

“I know,” she smiled, “Wait until your parents hear.”

“Cara,” he said a serious look crossing his face, “May I still make love to you?”

“You better,” she smiled, “The doctor said it was fine although we may want to hold off on the rough stuff for a bit. She said most women continue to have perfectly normal sex lives when they’re pregnant.”

“That’s encouraging,” he said leaning in to kiss her. He brushed his lips to hers as he held her close.

“I love you Anthony,” she said.

“I love you too,” he kissed her again and pulled back when he felt her hands unbuttoning his shirt. “Cara Mia,” he whispered.

“I need you,” she said softly.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

He swept his wife into his arms and took her to their bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed and lay next to her. She couldn’t help but smile as he took a single finger and traced the features of her face. She closed her eyes with a sigh. This was the side of him not many saw, the tender side. He caressed her cheek before tenderly kissing her lips. She wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders as he kissed her.

He gently probed her mouth with his skilled tongue. He ran his strong hands up her back as she pressed her body to his. He moved his mouth from hers and kissed his way up to her ear gently brushing the softness of his beard against her skin. He nipped at her ear his hot breath sending chills through her body. He licked her ear as she let out a small giggle. He slipped his hand from her waist to her breast gently cupping it.

She moaned into his mouth as he gently caressed her breast through the material feeling her nipple harden under his palm. He moved his hand down and undid the belt from her dress before bringing it up to unbutton the top. He kissed her skin gently as he undid the top, opening it as he went. He licked her hot skin and once again brushed his beard against her. He gently pushed her top back and undid the front of her bra.

She felt a shiver pass through her as he brushed his beard against the soft skin. He ran his fingers over her, gently tracing his way across her full breasts. He ran his tongue over a nipple feeling her breath catch. He traced it slowly and gently with his tongue before drawing it into his mouth. He sucked it gently as she pressed against him.

“Oh Anthony,” she said. “You make my whole body sing,” she sighed softly, “I need to feel you.” She moved her hands from his shoulders and around to his chest.

She started to unbutton his shirt again as he moved to hovered over her. She looked up to see his dark hair falling around his handsome face. He gave her a soft smile as she opened his shirt. She could see the love in his dark eyes. She was amazed at how dark they got when they were filled with desire, even now, they looked almost black instead of their usual soft brown.

He quickly sat up stripping the shirt from his body. He moved and finished removing her dress before going back to her. He once again drew her into his arms as she pressed her body to his. He again fondled her breasts before kissing his way down across her stomach. He stopped for a moment placing his hand on her belly. He looked at her and she smiled at him placing her hand over his.

He placed a gentle kiss on her before reaching to remove her panties. He slipped them off and moved up on her body again. He ran his hands over her feeling her rise to his touch. He moved his hands down slipping one between her silky thighs. She opened up to him as he gently caressed her with his long fingers. He massaged her sensitive jewel as soft moans broke from her lips. His touch was so soft as he caressed her.

“Oh Mi Amore,” she moaned as he massaged her faster, “Oh yes. Oh I want to feel your mouth on me.”

He moved down her body and she soon felt light kisses on her thighs. He then moved in nuzzling her soft nest of hair. He gently spread her open exposing her sensitive jewel. The feel of his breath was enough to make her moan. He let his tongue come out and flick against the sensitive nub causing her to arch her hips. He moved his soft tongue over her slowly tasting and savoring her. He left no part of her unexplored. He drove his tongue into causing her to clutch at his long hair and bare shoulders. He then brought his mouth down and took her jewel into his mouth.

The feel of the suction and the sensation of him moving it was enough to make her cum almost instantly. He then slipped a finger into her eager opening again. He began probing her and he moved to bring his face back to hers. She could smell her arousal on him and it was intoxicating as it mingled with his scent. She arched against him as he nuzzled her neck and whispered softly to her. It was mostly Italian but she knew in her heart what he was saying to her.

“Anthony,” she sighed caressing his strong back, “Oh you feel so good.”

“So do you Cara,” he moaned into her ear, “Are you ready for me?”

“Yes darling,” she sighed again.

He moved from the bed and slipped his pants off. She still loved to look at his strong body. He moved back to her and slipped between her thighs. He guided himself into as she reached for him. She caressed his cheek drawing him close as he slipped into her. He claimed her mouth briefly before he began to move inside her.

He paced himself, going slow as she tightened on him and let out gentle moans. He took her hands and pushed them back onto the mattress making them stay on either side of her head. His face hovered over hers as he supported himself. She blushed under his gaze and closed her eyes for a moment.

“Oh darling,” she moaned, “Oh yes.”

“Cara Mia,” he groaned, “Look at me. I need to see your eyes.”

She opened her eyes and met his gaze. He could see her eyes had darkened as well, making them look like dark sapphires. He could see the love and passion as he continued to thrust into her. Soon he felt her convulse beneath him. He saw it in her eyes, almost a flash as her orgasm overtook her causing her to shatter under its power. There was a sudden rush of wetness from her as he continued to thrust into her. With a few last thrusts, he hit his release pumping his warmth deep into her body. He slipped from her and lay next to her as they tried to recover. He pulled the blankets over her and she lay across his chest.

“That was incredible,” she sighed as he caressed her back.

“I aim to please,” he smiled.

“And you always please me,” she smiled looking at him, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he smiled.

They lay in bed just holding each other. There was no talk of the past for the book, just tender kisses, and soft caresses as they discussed their future. Soon they both drifted into a well-earned sleep.

The next morning Anthony got his first taste of pregnancy. He woke up to find Josey gone from the bed. He went to the bathroom to find her on her knees on the floor.

“Honey?” he asked softly, “Are you all right?”

“Yeah,” she said standing up, “Just a bit of morning sickness.”

“Can I get you anything?” She looked at him seeing the concern in his eyes.

“You’re so sweet,” she said going over to him, “You could have Hannah send up some buttered toast, and a glass of apple juice.”

“It that all you want?” he asked.

“Maybe some fruit,” she said, “I don’t want a heavy breakfast,”

“You get back in bed and I’ll have it brought up,” he smiled.

Josey did as he said and soon Hannah arrived with breakfast for her. They spent most of the morning in bed just holding each other and talking. Anthony also called his parents and told them the good news. They were thrilled to hear that Josey was pregnant, as were her sisters. Everything seemed to be falling into place for them.

It wasn’t long before her morning sickness subsided and Josey started to feel a bit better. Her appetite increased but she still worked out knowing it would help during her delivery. At three months, she wasn’t quite showing but she knew it was coming. She was lying in bed one night when she felt a flutter. It caused her to gasp and drew her husband’s attention.

“What?” he smiled.

“I think I just felt the baby move,” she said.


“Yeah,” she smiled, “It was like a little flutter inside. That felt so weird.”

“I can’t wait until I can feel the baby,” he said.

“It won’t be long,” she smiled, “When you come to my appointment tomorrow you’ll get to hear the heart beat.”

“I can hardly wait,” he smiled.

“You’re really excited about this aren’t you?”

“Of course,” he said, “Cara Mia every time I look in your eyes, and do you know what I see?”


“All the generations that will come forth in this world, because of our love for each other,” he caressed her cheek.

“You always know just what to say,” she said caressing his cheek.

“You say I always know just what to do as well,” he smiled.

“Is that a subtle hint?” she smiled.

“Maybe too subtle.”

“Well you better enjoy it now before I turn into Shamu,” she said.

“What the hell kind of statement is that?” he said loudly making her jump.

“I…I just meant,” she stammered, “I’m sorry…I just worry about… gaining all the weight.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I fought really hard to get thin and I don’t want to be fat again.” Anthony saw the look in her eyes and softened his look on her.

“Cara Mia,” he said gently drawing her close, “There is a big difference. You were heavy before because of other reasons, you said so yourself. You had low self-esteem, not to mention the abuse of your own mother. This is far different. You are carrying our child, “ he said as he placed a strong hand to her belly. “You are nurturing another life that we created. This baby is a part of both of us, and an expression of our love. You gaining weight is not going to snuff out my desire for you, if anything I feel it getting stronger. My desire for you is fueled by my love for you and nothing’s going to change that.”

He watched as a tear slid down her cheek. He took his hand and cupped her face bringing her gaze back to meet his. She was simply amazed by him at times like this. He could be so tough, so volatile, sometimes he was a real bastard, and then there was the poet in him that made her weak in the knees with desire and love. He pressed his lips to hers feeling the tension escape from her body. He gently pressed her to the bed as she moved to wrap her legs around him. He deepened the kiss sending a wave of warmth sweeping over her.

He backed out of the kiss to look at her. He stroked her hair as she smiled at him. She loved it when he traced her face with his fingertips. He placed gently kisses on her face before taking her lips in a searing kiss. He moved his mouth from hers kissing his way up to her ear.

“I love you,” he said softly, “And I love our baby. You are my dream come true, my deepest desire, and my whole world.”

“I love you too,” she said.

He kissed down her neck to her throat and then pulled back to look at her once more. She smiled at him softly as she caressed his face. He just stared at her for a moment.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said, “I just thought maybe we should do something different.”

“What did you have in mind?” she smiled.

“Well you can’t use the hot tub, but we can use the whirlpool for a bath.”

“Make it a bubble bath and you have a deal,” she smiled.

“That I can do.”

She smiled as he left the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. She soon heard the water running and smelled the sweet scent in the air. He soon reappeared in the doorway. He had removed his shirt and looked delicious wearing just his jeans, which were unbuttoned a bit. He smiled at her and she slipped off the bed. She walked over to him and kissed his lips. They went into the bathroom and stripped their clothes off. Anthony got in first and Josey then joined him straddling his lap so they faced each other.

He drew her close as she kissed his lips. She felt his large hands slide up her back to her shoulders. He worked his fingers into her hair gently pulling her head back and exposing her neck. He placed his mouth against her skin hearing her sigh as he did. He licked her skin and nipped at it as she clung to him. A deep moan escaped her lips as she sunk her fingers into his hair.

“I love you,” she moaned as he continued to caress her neck with his lips and tongue.

“I love you too,” he smiled.

He gripped her neck in his hand drawing her back more and moving his mouth down her skin. His tongue traced slowly making circles over one breast before drawing a taunt peak into his mouth. She pushed against him giving out a soft moan as he sucked and nipped at the tender peak. He soon moved onto her other breast as she began to rub against him. He let out a groan as he felt the movement and he grew instantly hard against her. He released her breast and brought her up to face him.

She ran her wet hands over his chest and moved her way down between his legs. She felt him tense at her touch and then smile as she began to stroke him. He let out a groan and let his head fall forward onto her shoulder as she brought him to a full arousal. He felt her shift and lifted his head to look at her.

“Good God,” he moaned, “You’re ready?”

“What can I say, you make me hot,” she smiled.

“Cara Mia,” he said softly, “You’ve become quite the little minx.”

“You love it too.”

“Of course,” he moaned, as she shifted and he felt himself sink into her, “Cara… “ She heard a stir of words escape his lips.

She smiled as she recognized them as Italian curses. She rocked against him as he struggled to grip her slick hips. He finally got a comfortable hold on her as they began to rock against each other. The water started to slosh as their pace increased but neither one cared as they felt their pleasure building rapidly. Soon he saw it as Josey cried out. Her head feel back as her orgasm gripped her and he felt her nails in his shoulders. He soon joined her and dropped his head against her shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. He gripped her close as she caressed his strong back.

They sat together in the tub caressing each other and enjoying the whirlpool. They shared soft kisses and words of love until they started to get cold. Soon they left the tub and after toweling off, they curled up under the sheets. Anthony held his wife close and soon they both drifted off to sleep.

The next day they sat in the waiting room waiting for their turn to see the doctor. Josey had to supply a urine sample first. Josey noticed that most of the women in the waiting room were alone and was grateful to have Anthony with her. He slipped his arm around her shoulder as they went through a book of baby names. Finally, the nurse came out to escort Josey back. She had Josey stand on the scale before taking her into the exam room. The nurse took her blood pressure and then left the room. Soon the doctor came in to see them.

“Hello Josey,” said the doctor. “This must be the lucky father,” she said shaking Anthony’s hand, “I’m Dr. Rivers.”

“Anthony,” he said.

“Well shall we have a look?” she asked.

Josey laid back and the doctor felt around on her stomach a bit. Then she took out the Doppler and placed it to her stomach, “Let’s see if we can’t find a heartbeat.” She moved it around, and let out a laugh, “We have a squirmer.” She smiled, “Ah, here we go.”

She turned up the speaker and soon Anthony heard the swishing heart beat of their child. Josey squeezed his hand as they listened and couldn’t contain her smile.

"Nice and healthy,” she smiled, “You seem to be right on schedule and you two can look forward to a possible Christmas baby.”

“Thank you,” said Josey, “A Christmas baby, that would be nice.”

“We’ll all have birthdays close to a major holiday,” said Anthony.

“You’re right,” she smiled, “Yours is near Thanksgiving, mine is a day before Valentine’s Day, and then we’d have a Christmas baby, weird huh?”

“Works for me,” he said, “Let’s go home.”

Over the next month, Anthony watched as his wife’s pregnancy became that much more evident. She simply glowed when he looked at her and his love for her only deepened. He was very supportive of her and did his best to make her comfortable. They were lying in the bed after making love when Josey felt her first hard kick. She sat up with a start.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“The baby kicked,” she smiled. “Here,” she took her husbands hand and placed it to her stomach. After a minute, the baby kicked causing his hand to jump.

“Damn that kid’s strong,” he smiled.

“You should feel it from this side,” she smiled, “Baby’s going to take after you.”

“And you. I love you so much,” he smiled, “My beautiful Cara Mia.”

“I love you too ya big softie,” she smiled.

Over the next few months Josey continued to blossom as her pregnancy progressed. Anthony doted on her constantly and was very protective of his wife. In fact, he almost slugged a man who blew cigar smoke in her direction. She liked how attentive he was to her needs.

He knew it was hard on her from time to time. She always seemed to be running off to the bathroom and on more than one occasion woke up with cramps in her legs. He was always there to massage them out and make her feel better. She knew he would make a wonderful father. One day while she was in the shower, he surprised her. He ripped the curtain back looking at her.

“Christ Anthony! What, do you have radar or something?” she smiled. “You always know when I’m in the shower.”

“Because I can read you like a book,” he said.

“Honestly,” she sighed.

“You love it,” he said. He watched her irritated stare quickly melt.

“You want to wash the baby?” she smiled.

“Of course,” he said.

Anthony quickly stripped his clothes off and joined her in the shower. She handed him the sponge and leaned back against his strong frame as he ran his hands over her full stomach. He felt the baby kick under his hand and smiled. In truth, she loved it when he joined her in the shower. She had been so touched when he started his little ritual of washing her stomach. She loved that he wanted to be so involved. He ran his strong hands over her stomach and she felt them starting to roam elsewhere. This had become part of it too. It made her heart sing that he still wanted her that way. Soon she could feel his erection pressing against her backside. He kissed her neck and worked his way to her ear.

“Are you up to this?” he asked pressing against her.

“Yes,” she sighed, as she reached back and put her arms around his neck.

He dropped the sponge and ran his soapy hands up to cup her full breasts. He fondled them carefully as she sagged against him. He gently played with her nipples bringing them to hard peaks as she pressed back against him. Anthony was just as passionate as ever when they made love but he was gentle as well. Sometimes she was sensitive to his touch and he tried not to hurt her.

He placed her hands against the wall of the shower as he ran his hands over her. His mouth was hot on her skin as he moved down her back. He kneaded her backside and when his slipped his hand between her thighs, he could feel she was ready for him. He massaged her gently as she moaned softly.

Even though she was pregnant, she rarely turned away her husbands advances. In some ways it felt like she wanted him more. He slipped himself into her from behind and she gasped as he did. He ran his mouth over her back as he thrust into her slowly, her soft moans echoing off the tile as he raced her towards her release. He soon felt her tighten and cry out as she found her release. He found his as well and hugged her to him as he kissed her shoulder.

“I love you,” he said, “Have I said that today?”

“Yes, but I never get tired of hearing it,” she smiled, “I love you too.”

That night they lay in bed with the baby book between them. Josey wrote in it nearly every night and Anthony was amused by how detailed she would be. She recorded even the smallest movement of the baby during the day. He stretched out next to her his large frame filling the bed. She looked over at him as he let out a sigh.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

“I was thinking about names,” he said.

“You were.”

“Yes,” he said, “You expressed an interest in Roberto?”

“Yes, if it’s a boy. I told you I wanted to name him Roberto Francisco, after my father and yours. I’ve just been struggling with a girl’s name,” she said.

“How about Belle?” he said, “With an ‘e’ on the end.”

“Belle, like in “Beauty and the Beast?”” she smiled.

“Of course,” he said, “Belle means “beauty” it would seem appropriate.”

“How about Belle Sarah?” she said. “Sarah Belle sounds to cutesy,” she said, “Sarah mean “Princess,””

“Either way is fine with me,” he said, “Whatever you want Cara Mia.” Just then there was a knock at their bedroom door. Anthony pulled on his robe over his boxers before Josey answered.

“Come in,” said Josey. The door opened and Jasmine stepped in. Josey could see that she wanted something “Is everything all right?”

“Can I talk to you?” she asked.

“I can go to the living room,” said Anthony.

“No, actually I’d like to talk to both of you,” she said quietly.

“Are you sure?” asked Anthony.

“Yes,” she said.

“Come here,” said Josey. Jasmine walked over to the bed and sat by her sister. Anthony sat back down on his side of the bed facing them, “What’s the matter Jazz?”

“Well, you know that I’ve started dating again. You got to meet the boy I like, David.”

“Of course, he’s very nice,” said Josey.

“I know he is but lately I’ve been getting the feeling that he wants to… well do more,” she said quietly.

“Are you sure you want me here for this?” asked Anthony.

“Yes,” said Jazz, “I like David, I really do and I’m eighteen now, but I’m not sure about this. Part of me wants too, but part of me isn’t sure.”

“Well if you have any doubts in your heart then you should wait,” said Anthony, “Your virginity is something you can not get back, and not something to be given to just anyone.”

“I know,” she said, “Josey how did you know?”

“I didn’t when I was younger. I was seduced by a promise that turned into a lie. Believe me I would have given anything to take back that night. I should have followed my gut feeling and said ‘no’. Anthony’s right you shouldn’t rush into anything,” said Josey.

“How did you know with Anthony?” she asked.

“Well,” smiled Josey with a deep breath, “Anthony never pushed me to be with him. He was gentle, caring, and loving. He was also honest with me, he didn’t try to deceive me or hurt me. He never promised me the moon and stars, he just seemed to deliver them,” she smiled, “That night I just knew. There was no fear, no doubt, just love, and that’s when I knew it was right.”

“You know of my past,” said Anthony, “I was with countless women but I never loved any of them. I may have developed a fondness for some, but there was no deep emotional attachment to them. Men seem to have this uncanny ability to have sex without making it about love. Men can have sex, but most women want to make love, some women don’t care but most do. They feel that emotional attachment even if there isn’t one. I had a few women claimed to be in love with me, but I felt nothing for them. Josephine is the only one who touched my heart. She stole my heart,” he said caressing her cheek.

“What made her different?” asked Jazz.

“Her tenderness and her innocence, she was so genuine and natural. Above all else she treated me like a real person, not a piece of meat,” he said, “Listen to me,” he said to Jazz, “I won’t lie to you, sex in and of itself feels good. Anyone could tell you that. The sex I had before your sister was good in that I was satisfied at that moment. However, even with the experience I have had; there is nothing that comes close to how I feel when I make love to your sister. We connect on so many levels that it intensifies the experience. Making love to someone that you truly love, someone you are connected with is the most incredible experience you can hope to have. It is an almost indescribable experience. There’s also something about knowing that she’s mine, and that I never have to share her. There’s something special about knowing that I’m the only one she needs, and wants,” he said.

“He’s the only one I love and desire,” she said taking his hand in hers.

“Don’t let yourself be cheated out of that by giving in when you’re not sure.”

“If you’re not sure then tell him to wait,” said Josey, “If he really cares about you he’ll respect that.”

“She’s right,” said Anthony, “I never would have forgiven myself if I had rushed Josey into something she was not ready for. I waited for her to come to me and that night was the most wonderful night of my life. I feel blessed because every time we are together it’s like living that night all over again. That is what love can bring you if you wait for it.”

“I guess,” said Jazz. “I mean I like David, but I don’t know if I’m in love. If he gives me any crap I can sick Anthony on him,” she smiled.

“I live to serve,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” said Jazz, “I’m going to tell David I’m not ready.”

“That’s your choice,” said Josey, “And when you are ready if you have any questions I want you to feel free to come to me.”

“Thanks,” she said kissing her sister. “You too,” she said kissing Anthony’s cheek, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight,” said Anthony as she rose to leave.

“Goodnight,” she said leaving the room. Josey turned to her husband.

“What?” he asked.

“You were wonderful with her,” she said, “You are going to be a great father.”


“Yes,” she smiled, “I’m glad you were here to give her the benefit of your experience.”

“I was afraid I had upset you by bringing up my past like that,” he said.

“I admit it bothered me at first. I remember the women you were with just before me, I saw how you were with them,” she said moving closer to him, “But all I have to do is look at this ring on my finger and that all disappears. I’m the one you chose, I’m the one you love.”

“You are Cara Mia,” he said pulling her close. “There is only you,” he gently kissed her soft lips.

“I love you so much Anthony,” she said softly.

“I love you too my beautiful Josephine.”

By the time, Josey was into her sixth month, they had just about finished the nursery. They took the dressing room that was attached to the master suite and had it remodeled into a baby’s room. The walls were painted sky blue with fluffy white clouds stenciled on them. There was a rainbow painted on the wall and a smiling sun as well. Anthony had plush green carpet installed to give it a grass like look, and when you shut off the light stars and planets appeared on the ceiling.

There was a crib and changing table waiting for the baby, as well as a dresser and some toys. Anthony even bought her a gliding rocking chair. He then surprised her with a bassinet for their bedroom. It was covered in white lace and satin. It brought Josey to tears when she saw it and she could hardly wait until their baby arrived.

Even though Josey was growing bigger with each passing month, she still never failed to yield to her husband’s advances. Anthony in fact would go through great lengths to accommodate her. He understood that as she progressed in her pregnancy she would become increasingly uncomfortable. He took great pains in making sure she was always comfortable especially when it came to making love. He’d spend a great deal of time adjusting pillows and doing what he could to still make it pleasurable for her. More often than not, she would be the instigator.

One night they sat in their bed together going over the Lamaze breathing together. Anthony sat up against the headboard of their bed with his long legs on either side of his beautiful wife. His large hands rested under hers as she rubbed her belly. Then the baby kicked causing Josey to jump as she lay against his strong chest.

“Kids going to play football,” he said.

“Not if it’s a girl,” she said.

“All right,” he said “Soccer.”

“Smart ass,” she said.

“I tease Cara.”

“You know Dr. Rivers says she can do an ultra sound on the next visit,” said Josey.


“Yeah,” she said, “We need to decide if we want to know the sex.”

“I don’t know,” he said, “There’s something about it being a surprise that appeals to me.”

“I know, but part of me wants to know,” she said. “Do you care what we have first?”

“I don’t know,” he sighed, “A son would be nice, I’d have someone to carry on the family name. However, there’s something about having a little girl to dote on.”

“I have a feeling you’d spoil a daughter, just like you spoil me,” she smiled.

“Cara I will be happy either way. As long as the baby is healthy and you are as well then it doesn’t matter which we have first,” he said.

“You’re right,” she smiled, “Let’s let it be a surprise.”

“If you wish Cara Mia.”

Over the next month preparations for the arrival of their baby continued. Thanksgiving came and Anthony’s mother, grandmother, and sisters flew in from Italy for Josey’s surprise shower. They had a great time opening presents and playing games. She had a wonderful time showing Anthony all the gifts when he came home that night. Once they were alone in their room, he pulled her close.

“What are you up too?” she smiled.

“I have something for you and our baby as well,” he smiled, “Come,”

He led her over to the bed and had her sit down. He disappeared into the closet and soon came back. He had a large box under his arm as well as a bag. He sat on the bed with her and handed her the bag.

“The bag is for you.”

Josey reached into the bag and pulled out a flat velvet box. She opened it and inside was a beautiful diamond necklace. It consisted of several round diamonds on a slim chain set in platinum. In between the diamonds in the middle were charms with three different colored stones. Two stones were heart shaped, the one in the middle marquee cut. She turned to Anthony.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

“See this,” he said showing her, “This heart is for your birthday, this heart is mine, and this one is for the baby. The diamonds all slide so there’s room to add more. I can change the stone if the baby comes late or early.” Josey just sat there speechless. “Honey?”

“I’m sorry,” she said her voice shaking, “It’s just so thoughtful.”

“Maybe you better not open the other one,” he said, “I don’t want you to cry.”

“It’s just my hormones,” she smiled, “It’s all right. Thank you darling, I love it. Help me?” Anthony took the necklace and slipped it around her neck.

Josey kissed him and then turned her attention to the box. She pulled the ribbon off and opened the lid. She parted the tissue paper and when she saw what was in the box tears once again flooded her eyes. Inside was a beautiful white satin gown, trimmed in lace, with a bonnet and booties.

“It’s a christening gown,” he said, “My mother wanted us to use the same one I was Christened in. It was rather old and fragile. Instead, I had this one made. It’s an exact copy of the one my family has used for generations. I hope that’s all right.”

“It’s perfect,” she said hugging him, “It’s just perfect. I love you so much.”

“I love you too darling,” he said holding her tight.

That night as they lay in bed Anthony laid awake listening to his wife breathing as she slept. The strange phone calls he had been getting at work were starting to get to him. One or two hang up calls were one thing but there were more and more now. Something didn’t feel right about it. Josey hadn’t mentioned any strange calls at home so he had decided not to tell her. He feared that in her condition it would upset her too much.

He wasn’t sure if he was necessarily ready to make a big deal out of it, but it drew his concern. Since he had given up his life as Antoine, there had been little repercussion. A few of his clients had threatened retaliation but he hadn’t heard a peep out of them. He knew that most of them wouldn’t dare try something for fear of exposing themselves in the process.

Since they had wed there had been a few awkward occasions. Anthony had been in several situations in which he had encountered former clients. More often than not, they pretended not to know him although he sometimes liked to toy with them. He had to admit he liked to watch them squirm.

He let out a deep sigh and decided to keep it to himself, the last thing he wanted to do was upset Josey. He soon heard a slight groan from Josey as she lay next to him. He turned to her and adjusted the pillows around her body. He slipped an arm around her and let his hand rest on her full stomach.

He felt the baby move under his hand and found himself smiling. He could hardly wait to see their child, to hold it in his arms, and see it’s face. He placed a gentle kiss on his wife’s neck and heard her let out a contented sigh. Her hand came up to rest on his and soon she drifted off to sleep.

Something didn’t feel right from the moment Anthony pulled up to the house. It was feeling a of dread, it was as if he had walked over his own grave. A chill ran through him as he opened the front door. The house was quiet, too quiet. Anthony stepped inside and made his way towards the living room. As he stepped into the living room, he felt a stab in his heart. The glass coffee table was broken, the flowers and glass that had been sitting there was tipped over. Before he could think, he heard a loud thud.

He ran in the direction of the girl’s room and opened the door. Jazz and Jackie were tied and bound to chairs struggling to get free. Jazz had managed to knock over a small bookcase. Anthony removed the gag from their mouths and untied them.

“What the hell happened?” he asked.

“We were in here doing our homework when we heard Josey screaming,” she said. “I opened the door and two men pushed us back in here and tied us up. They took her,” sobbed Jazz, “I tried to stop them, but they took her.”

“Did you see their faces?” he asked.

“No,” said Jackie, “They had masks on. They said they would call you with their demands.”

The words were still hanging in the air when the phone rang. Anthony felt the hairs on his neck stand up as he approached the phone. He picked it up and raised it to his ear.

“Hello?” he said calmly.

“Mr. Laconte,” came a strange voice, “I assume you have gotten our message.”

“What have you done with my wife?” he asked.

“Relax, Mr. Laconte, you’re wife is just fine I assure you. Whether or not she stays that way depends on you,” said the man.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Money of course,” said the man, “I know that your wife came into quiet a bit a few months back and I know you share everything equally.”

“How much?” asked Anthony.

“We want the twenty million she inherited."

“I’ll give you whatever you want but I want to speak to my wife,” said Anthony. There was silence and then he heard her.

“Anthony,” she gasped.

“Cara Mia,” he said letting his emotion through, “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she said.

“And the baby?” he asked quickly.

“Yes,” she said again, “Honey just give them whatever they want, all right. I love you.”

“I love you too Cara,” he said.

“Ow,” said Josey suddenly sounding distant.

“Josey!” he said.

“There you have heard that you’re wife is all right,” he said, “You have twenty-four hours to get the money together. I will contact you then with the location for the exchange.” The phone went dead.

Anthony gripped the phone tightly in his hand before setting it down. He turned to her sisters who were both still shaking. He hugged them both and then looked at them.

“They want the money your sister inherited,” he said.

“They most know her somehow,” said Jazz.

“That’s what I was thinking. I have to get the money together,” he said. “I want you to each pack a bag and go to Stacy’s house, all right? You’ll be safe there until this is over,” he said, “Don’t worry I’ll bring her home.”

Jazz and Jackie packed their bags and he sent them to Stacy’s in a car. The bank was closed so there was little he could do until morning. He went to the living room and cleaned up the mess before going to their bedroom. He walked over to the bed and picked up Josey’s nightgown. He lifted it to his face smelling her perfume. Tears stung his eyes for a moment.

“If they so much as touch one hair on your head Cara, I will kill them,” he said to himself.

Anthony sat on the bed but he did not sleep that night. His thoughts were consumed by Josey and their baby being held by strangers. He forced himself to think of anything other than what they might do to her. As soon as the bank opened Anthony arranged for the money to be withdrawn and brought to him. Once he had it, he waited to hear from the man.

The time seemed to pass slowly and with every passing minute, he grew tenser. He paced the floor like a caged animal, his anger rising in his body. His mind had been racing trying to figure out who had Josey. It was obvious it was someone who knew them, knew of the money she had. They had known when he wouldn’t be home and he kicked himself for it. He left her vulnerable and now she was in danger. Finally as night fell the phone rang.

“Hello?” said Anthony.

“Mr. Laconte,” said the man, “I trust you have the money.”

“Yes,” he said.

“Good boy,” he said, “Now, take the bags, and get in your car. I will call you with the directions.” The line went dead.

Anthony picked up the bags and went out to his car. He tossed them in and was no sooner behind the wheel when his phone rang. He answered it and soon started receiving instructions as to where to go. It seemed like forever before he finally reached the warehouse. He got out of the car and approached, the bags in his hands. A door swung open and a masked man with a gun came out to greet him. He frisked Anthony before allowing him inside.

Anthony was lead to the back of the warehouse where another man stood waiting for him. This man he recognized and a sick feeling came over Anthony as he realized it was Doug. His blood turned cold at the sight of the man who had hurt his beloved wife once all ready. He remembered the night of the reunion and how he had manhandled Josey. He knew all too well the abuse she had suffered at his hands.

“Where is she?” asked Anthony.

“Now, now, now,” he said, “All in good time.”

“I swear to God if you’ve hurt her...”

“I am a lot of things Mr. Laconte, but I would never harm a pregnant woman. I must admit that when I learned of her condition I was disappointed. I had so hoped to taste of that sweet blossom again, especially since she had lost all that weight. Alas, she is carrying your child, and frankly, the thought of taking a pregnant woman is a tad repulsive to me. To me it would be like bedding down with a sow, much as it was when we dated,” he smiled.

“I swear to God, I will rip out your fucking tongue if you speak about her like that again,” hissed Anthony. The only thing that kept him from attacking was the guns that were trained on him.

“Temper, temper Antoine,” he said, “We wouldn’t want the little woman to have an accident now. Bring me the money.”

One man lowered his gun and took the cases from Anthony. He took them to Doug, who opened them. He looked them over and then turned his attention to Anthony.

“You did well,” said Doug, “It’s too bad though, you’ve seen my face and now I’m afraid I’ll have to kill you. Don’t worry; I’ll let your precious wife go after you're dead. Who knows maybe I’ll even be able to comfort her. That is after she’s birthed that miserable child you’ve given her. I’d let you say goodbye, but I just don’t like you.”

“Fuck you,” hissed Anthony.

“No, fuck you,” he smiled.

Anthony hit the ground as gunfire filled the air. He saw crates fall over and bodies drop as he pressed himself to the ground more. When the gunfire stopped, he looked up as the police closed in on their location. They moved in quickly to survey the damages.

Anthony knew better than to walk into that warehouse alone. It took some heavy favors to get the help he needed to set Doug up for the fall. The police had been following him the whole time and Doug never saw them coming. It gave Anthony a great deal of satisfaction.

Doug was on the ground now, gasping as the police stood over him. Anthony slowly stood and approached him. He looked at Doug as the blood flowed from his mouth. His eyes were glassy and he knew he was dying. Anthony bent down to him.

“I told you if you ever touched her again I would kill you,” said Anthony, “Rot in hell.” He stood up and walked away as Doug gasped desperately for air.

“Mr. Laconte,” came an officer, “Your wife’s back here.”

Anthony broke into a run as he followed the officer. There in the back of the warehouse, in a small office was Josey. They had just untied her when she saw her husband. She was trembling as he approached.

“Anthony,” she gasped.

“Cara Mia,” he said going to her. He swept her into his strong arms and hugged her close, “Cara, tell me he didn’t hurt you.”

“He didn’t,” she sobbed, “I knew it, I knew you would come for me. My sisters?”

“They’re with Stacy, they’re safe,” he said.

“Thank God,” she said hugging him close, “When I saw it was Doug, I didn’t know what to do. He said he would kill you and when I heard the gun fire...”

“It is all right,” he said softly, “It’s over now, and Doug is dead.”

“I love you so much,” she said hugging him hard.

“I love you too,” he pulled back and looked into her eyes.

He couldn’t help but brush the tears from her cheeks as he looked at her. He kissed her lips briefly and then smiled at her. Suddenly she let out a gasp of pain and almost doubled over.

“Cara, what is wrong?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she groaned at first holding his hand. The pain ripped through her belly nearly stealing her breath, “Oh God, I think I’m going into labor!”

“What?” he asked.

“I think the baby’s coming,” she moaned.

“It’s not time,” he said.

“I don’t think the kid cares right now.”

“We must get you to a hospital,” he said.

“Get the paramedics,” yelled an officer, “We’ve got a woman in labor here.”

Anthony helped her out of the office as an officer called the paramedics over. They had Josey lay down on the gurney and then loaded her into the ambulance. Anthony got in with her holding her hand as they drove. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Stacey’s house.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Stacy, it’s Anthony,” he said.

“My God is Josey all right?”

“Yes, but I need a favor. Take the girls and go to our house. In the front closet is a suitcase, get it and come to the hospital.”


“Josey’s gone into labor,” he said as he wife squeezed his hand.

“I’m on my way,” she said hanging up. Anthony bent over his wife.

“They’re going to meet us there Cara, hang on.”

“Oh God,” she said.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“It’s all right,” said the paramedic, “Her water just broke.”

When they arrived at the hospital, they took Josey right up to the maternity ward. Given the stress of the situation she was quickly changed into a gown and hooked up to a fetal monitor. They quickly determined that she could go ahead and deliver the baby early with no problems. Soon Anthony rejoined his wife after she was all set up. He walked over to her and stroked her hair as she let out a sigh.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“All right, so far,” she said.

“I called my parents,” he said, “They’re talking the next plane out.”

“Oh,” she said suddenly, “Contraction.”

“It’s all right,” he said taking her hand.

Anthony sat with her helping her through the contraction until is passed. Soon Stacy and Josey’s sisters arrived. They were so relieved to see that she was all right. Soon Dr. Rivers arrived to check on Josey.

“We’re just a bit early,” she smiled as she walked over to the monitor. She checked the read out and smiled again, “You seem to be moving right along. Someone decided they wanted out, huh?”

“Yeah,” smiled Josey.

“I understand it’s been a stressful twenty-four hours,” she smiled, “But don’t worry the baby seems to be doing well. Let’s take a look and see how dilated you are.” The Dr. checked Josey and gave her a smile, “Two centimeters, doing good. You just try to relax, keep up your breathing. When you hit four we can give you something for the pain if you need it. I’ll be back in a while to check on you again.”

“Thank you,” smiled Josey.

Dr. Rivers left them and Anthony continued to sit with his wife. Stacy and her sisters tried to talk to her between contractions, but soon they just sat back and left her alone. The nurses observed Anthony with his wife. He was very good at keeping her relaxed between contractions; his sweet voice almost lulled her to sleep. During contractions, he spoke to her firmly keeping her focused on him and not the pain. Of all the couples they had seen he was the most dedicated.

The hours passed and every once in a while Dr. Rivers would come in to check on Josey. She seemed slow to dilate but the doctor didn’t seem worried. It was getting late and soon Jazz and Jackie fell asleep on the sofa. Stacy was still milling around as Anthony sat with his wife. He massaged her back, fed her ice chips, whatever he could do to help her. It seemed to take forever but finally the doctor announced it was time to push.

“All right Anthony,” said Dr. Rivers, “Take your position.”

Anthony moved behind his wife on the bed giving her his strong chest to lean on for support. The nurses looked at him funny but Dr. Rivers knew what he was doing. They had discussed at length how he could be more involved in the birth of his child and this technique quickly came to mind. He would sit behind his wife using his own strength to help her lift up so she could bear down and push.

“All right,” she said, “Watch the monitor and when the contraction starts push.”

The first contraction came and as Josey lifted up Anthony pushed forward holding her up. Josey gripped her legs and Anthony heard the loud groan escape her lips as she pushed hard. The doctor counted and told her when to stop. She slumped back against her husband with a sigh.

“That was good Josey,” said the doctor, “You need to keep that up, all right. All right here comes another one.”

“Come on Cara,” her husband said softly, “You can do this, I’m here.”

“I know,” she said.

Another contraction came and they repeated the process. It took a while, several hours, but soon it was time for hard pushing. Stacy stood back and to the side with the video camera to tape the birth. Her sisters were now awake and waiting to see their new niece or nephew. Josey was becoming fatigued and Anthony could feel her strength starting to slip from her. Dr. Rivers was coaching her hard now.

“All right Josey,” she said, “We’re almost there a few more hard pushes, and we’ll have a baby.”

“I… I can’t,” she gasped.

“Cara,” said Anthony, “Listen to me, you can do this.”

“Tony,” she gasped.

“Here,” said a nurse placing an oxygen mask on Josey’s face, “It’ll help her breathe.”

“Come on Cara, we are almost there.”

Josey sat up with Anthony pushing against her back. Her groan had become louder as she strained to push out their child. She was feeling weak and could barely grip her legs to hold them. She slumped against her husband again and Anthony could see how tired she was. On the next push, he reached down forcing his wife forward. He grabbed her behind her knees pulling her fatigued legs back as she pushed.

“That’s good Anthony,” said Dr. Rivers, Help her. Push Josey! Push!”

“I’m trying,” she groaned, “Oh God!”

“Push Cara!” he practically shouted.

“All right,” said Dr. Rivers, “Stop. Josey one more push like that and the baby will be out. The heads right here. I need you to push as hard as you can.”

“All right,” she said.

Anthony once again forced her forward as he held her legs in his strong hands. Josey pushed with all her might feeling the burning sensation and crying out. Finally, she felt the baby slip from her and sagged back against her husband. Within seconds, she heard a small cry fill the air as tears came to her eyes.

“Congratulations,” said Dr Rivers, “You have a daughter.”

“A girl?” said Anthony, “Did you hear that Cara? We have a little girl!”

They wrapped the baby quickly and placed her on Josey’s stomach. She looked at her daughter as Dr. Rivers hand Anthony a pair of scissors.

“Would you like to cut the cord?” she smiled.

“Yes,” he said taking them.

“Right between the clamps there.” Anthony cut the cord as Josey watched. “All right,” said the doctor, “We have to clean her up, and we’ll bring her right back.”

“Cara Mia,” he said kissing his wife’s cheek, “She’s beautiful. I’m so proud of you.”

“Really,” said Jazz, “You were so brave. I can’t believe you didn’t take anything.” “Seven pounds, seven ounces,” smiled Stacy, “Nineteen inches long, and breathtaking.”

They checked her blood pressure as she lay in her husband’s arms and soon she was done delivering everything. They soon brought back their daughter and laid her in Josey’s arms. Josey looked at the little bundle lying sleepily in her arms.

“She looks like I feel,” said Josey jokingly.

“Cara, she is beautiful, just like her mother,” he said kissing her.

“Then I guess we picked the right name,” she smiled.

“What is her name?” asked Jackie.

“Belle-Sarah,” she said, “Belle for short.”

“That’s lovely,” said Stacy.

“Josey,” said Dr. Rivers, “If you’re going to breast feed the sooner the better.”

“Of course,” she said.

Anthony untied the back of her gown so she could slide it down. She exposed a breast to their daughter who instinctively sought it out. She guided her daughter to it and she quickly latched on to her mother. Josey lay back against Anthony as he caressed her shoulders and held her close.

“Cara Mia,” he said softly, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said quietly.

They sat for a long time and watched as their daughter nursed. When she was done, Anthony moved from the bed and stretched his long legs before taking her into his arms. They prepared to move Josey to another room and he carried their little girl as they walked. Once Josey was settled into her private room Anthony set Belle down in her hospital bassinet. He moved over to his wife and took her hand in his. He caressed her cheek and she let out a soft sigh turning to his touch.

“Josephine,” he said gently, “Cara, how are you?”

“Tired,” she sighed, “But happy,” she gave him a half smile.

“The pain,” he started.

“They gave me something,” she said, “I’m fine now darling.”

“I’m very proud of you Cara. You were so strong,” he said.

“I’m glad I had you,” she said. She let out a yawn as he kissed her hand.

“Rest now Cara,” he said softly, “You’ve been through enough for one day. Sleep now.” He kissed her soft lips, “You did good.”

Josey soon drifted off to sleep as Antoine folded out the nearby futon. Before he could lie down and rest, he heard his daughter fussing nearby in her little bed. He moved over to her and quickly picked her up drawing her close.

“Shh,” he said quietly to her, “You’ll wake your mommy, and she’s had a hard night.”

He cradled her carefully in his arms as he sat down with her. He reached up and pulled the cap from her head for a moment. She needed to be bathed yet, but Anthony could see her dark almost black curls resting on her head. He touched them softly while looking at her. She opened her eyes briefly and he could see how blue they were. She looked like a little angel as she rested in his arms. She was so small, so frail looking and so beautiful.

“Mr. Laconte?” came a soft voice, “Would you like me to take her to the nursery? We can bath her there and you can rest.”

“I don’t know,” he said looking at her.

“Or you can come with me. You can give your daughter her first bath.”

“That sounds all right,” he said standing.

Anthony took his daughter and followed the nurse to the nursery. The nurse helped him as he unwrapped his daughter for her bath. The nurse showed him how to wash her with the cloth and how to hold her while washing her hair. He had to admit that he enjoyed spending the time with his daughter.

When he was done, he took her back to their room and sat with her. She was asleep in his arms and as he rocked in the chair he felt his own eyes grow heavy. Part of him knew that he should put her down, and yet he didn’t want to let her go. He soon drifted off himself.

Josey woke up and felt a twinge as she tried to stretch. Her whole body still ached from giving birth. She opened her eyes and saw the little bed next to her was empty. She turned her head and smiled at the scene. Anthony was sound asleep in the rocking chair, their daughter resting comfortably against his chest. He cradled her head in his large hand her butt in the other, it made her look even smaller in contrast to her father.

A nurse came in and Josey stopped her. She motioned the nurse to bring her the camera. The nurse took the camera over to Josey so she could take a picture. She took it and Anthony stirred a bit. She quickly slid it under her pillow as he began to wake up. He stretched a bit mindful his daughter was still in his arms. He gave his wife a guilty smile as he looked at her.

“Bring her here,” she smiled at him. Anthony stood up and carried her over to Josey. “You’re spoiling her already I see.”

“I just couldn’t bear to put her down last night,” he said handing her to his wife.

“Well she should eat soon,” she said sitting up more.

“How did you sleep?” he asked kissing her cheek.

“Very soundly,” she said, “I’m a bit sore now.”

“Of course,” he said, “You gave me a new form of respect for my mother. She had seven, I can’t imagine that.”

“Neither can I,” Josey looked down as their daughter began to stir.

Josey moved her gown aside to nurse their daughter. She looked down at her and studied her little face. She noticed her blue eyes and fluffy hair.

“They let me bathe her last night,” he said, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, she looks beautiful,” smiled Josey.

They brought her breakfast and she pushed it aside until she was done nursing. Anthony took Belle from her as she ate and was holding her when there was knock on the door. Stacy came in with Jazz and Jackie. They had a big bouquet of roses for them.

“There they are,” smiled Stacy, “Where’s that beautiful little girl?”

“You want to hold her?” asked Anthony walking over to her.

“I’d love to,” she smiled.

They sat and passed Belle around and things got even livelier when Anthony’s parents arrived. His mother and father hugged Josey first and then quickly turned to their son.

“Let me see the little bundle,” smiled his mother, “Where’s my grandchild?”

“Mama,” said Anthony, “Meet your granddaughter, Belle-Sarah.”

“Oh Tony, she’s beautiful. Francisco look at our granddaughter,” she smiled.

“She’s as beautiful as her mother,” said Francisco looking over his wife’s shoulder.

“Thank you Popi,” she smiled.

They sat around talking for a while and Anthony noticed the tired look on his wife’s face. Stacy offered to take his parents back to their house for them. Once they were alone, Anthony went over to the bed. After placing Belle in her bed, he laid down next to his wife. She let out a sigh as he hugged her close feeling safe in his arms.

“Can you believe it?” she said, “We’re parents now.”

“I know Cara,” he said softly, “We’re are now a real family.”

They cuddled close together in the small bed and Josey welcomed the feel of her husband’s body against hers. She was grateful for everything he had done for her. She had felt like giving up while trying to birth their daughter and doubted she would have been strong enough to do it if it wasn’t for her husband pushing her on. He truly did give her the strength to move mountains and she loved him for it. She felt his breath on her neck as it had slowed. He was sleeping now and she closed her eyes deciding to join him.

Although it felt a bit crowded, at times Josey welcomed the fact that Anthony’s mother Rosa was there to help. The first few days home with Belle took a lot out of Josey. Anthony showed her how to bath their daughter and they took turns changing diapers. Needless to say that shocked his mother. She soon got her on a regular schedule for feeding and such.

In addition to breast feeding Josey had begun to express milk so that Anthony could help feed her as well. He often took the late feedings so that Josey could rest. They were soon getting the hang of being parents although they both knew they had lots to learn.


One night when Anthony came home, he found the house was rather quiet. He made his way to the bedroom and smiled when he saw it. There were candles lit and sparkling cider in the ice bucket. He unbuttoned his shirt and bit and kicked his shoes off as he looked around.

“Cara Mia,” he called, “Where are you?”

“I’ll be out in a minute,” she called from the bathroom, “Just make yourself comfortable.”

He sat on the bed and noticed the bassinet had been moved from the room. He knew damn well she was up to something and had a good idea of what it was. Soon the bathroom door opened and Josey stepped out. She was wearing a long white silk nightgown with a slight slit up the front. It hugged her bosom, and her full hips. She walked over to him as he smiled at her.

“Cara,” he smiled, “You look beautiful.”

“It’s going to be a little while before I’m back to my regular weight,” she said, “But all in all...”

“All in all nothing,” he said, “You look beautiful now. Come here.”

She walked over to Anthony as he stood up. He looked down at her as she stood before him. She blushed under his intense gaze and he loved how virginal she still acted. He lifted her face to look at him and gazed into her deep blue eyes. He caressed her cheek as she trembled under his touch.

“This has been the longest six weeks of my life,” she said softly.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” he asked.

“Yes,” she smiled, “Let’s just take it slow.”

“Where is Belle?”

“The girls are watching her,” she said, “She’ll be fine. The girls are watching her, your parents are gone, and tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, everything is just as it should be. Now, can we stop talking now?”

“As you wish,” he smiled.

He leaned in to kiss his wife’s lips. She eagerly kissed him back as he drew her into his strong arms. He turned with her and lowered her to the bed as she clung to him. He probed her eager mouth feeling her moan as he held her close. His mouth soon left hers as he kissed up her neck, nipping at the soft skin beneath her ear. She moved her hands running them up into his long hair.

“Anthony,” she sighed as he nipped at her ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too Cara,” he said as he kissed down to her throat.

He brought his hand up and gently began caressing her breast through the silk of her gown. She let out a soft moan as she felt him take a thumb and caress her nipple to a hard peak. She pressed against his hand as he fondled her gently. He knew her breasts were sensitive and was mindful of his touch. He felt her hand on him as she tried to unbutton his shirt. He raised himself from her and gazed at her as she undid his shirt.

She moved it back and he rose up letting it fall from his body. He came back to her and reached up to pull the straps of her nightgown down. He exposed her breasts and he heard her breath catch as he ran his tongue over a taunt nipple.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Yes,” she gasped. “I’m just a bit sensitive. I’m all right,” she said caressing his cheek.

Anthony once again ran his tongue over her nipple feeling her tremble as he did. He was very gentle as he nipped at the sensitive peak before drawing it into his mouth briefly. He repeated his action on her other breast as she pressed against him. He soon moved from her breasts and kissed his way down her stomach to her hips. He felt her tense as he slipped the gown from her body. He knew she was self-conscious about her body but he wanted her to feel the desire he still had for her.

He moved down her body and she gasped as she felt him nuzzle the nest of tight curls and the juncture of her legs. She was trembling as he gently spread her open exposing her sensitive jewel. She was filled with anticipation as she waited for him. She gasped and arched as she felt his tongue flick against the throbbing nub. He began running his tongue over it causing her to arch and cry out louder for him.

He then moved down on her probing her eager opening with his tongue before sliding a finger into her. His mind reeled at the feel of her. She let out a groan and he looked at her.


“It’s all right,” she said, “Don’t stop.”

He began probing her again gently as she let another moan escape her soft lips. He could feel how much she wanted him, but he wanted to be sure that she was good and ready. Her breath soon broke fast from her lips as she moved against his hand. He soon moved and he felt her hands on his pants. She opened them and pressed them back over his strong hips freeing his erection. He slipped them off and soon positioned himself between her legs.

He knew he had to be gentle with her but his desire for her was beginning to overwhelm him. She felt his erection brush against her and her breath caught again. He bent over her claiming her lips briefly as he slowly sank into her. She groaned against his lips and he felt her tense on him. He couldn’t believe how tight she still felt.

“Cara Mia,” he whispered softly.

“I’m all right mi amore,” she said softly, “I’m tender but it will be all right. I need this, I need to feel you again.”

“Josephine,” he moaned softly into her ear

“Now Anthony,” she said.

Anthony began moving inside her and if she felt any pain, she hid it well. She quickly fell into his rhythm matching his pace as he thrust into her. He held his body low and close to her feeling her breasts brush against his chest as he moved inside of her. Their cheeks brushed and he could feel her breath on him as her moans grew louder and more intense. Her nails scored his back, as he pumped harder against her.

“Oh…yes,” she moaned, “Ohhhh…oh God… Oh…you feel so good.”

“Cara,” was all he was able to say as he felt her muscles contracting on his hard shaft.

With a few more thrusts, he felt her buck underneath him as her orgasm ripped through her body. It only took a few more before Anthony joined his wife. He carefully pulled from her and then pulled her close. She clung to his body as they lay together. She felt him run his strong hands up her back as she nuzzled against his chest.

“God I’ve missed that,” she smiled.

“I have too,” he said, “We didn’t use anything, is that a problem?”

“No,” she said, “Not tonight. My body is still recovering so I’m all right, but in the future, you’ll have to use condoms. I can’t really take birth control when I’m breast feeding.”

“That’s all right,” he said, “I’ll survive, as long as I can still make love to you.”

“You can make love to me as often as Belle’s schedule will allow,” she smiled.

“Cara Mia, I want to see my daughter,” he smiled.

“I’ll go get her,” she smiled.

Josey slipped from the bed and pulled on her robe. She slipped from the bedroom and retrieved their daughter. When she returned to the bedroom Anthony was sitting on the bed with his pajama bottoms on. Josey sat next to him and handed Belle to him. He brought his knees up and cradled her in the crook between his legs. She was wide-awake as her father smiled at her.

“She’s going to have your hair,” smiled Josey.

“She’s got your eyes,” he smiled, “She’s going to be trouble when she’s old enough to date.”

“Oh no she won’t,” smiled Josey, “Not as long as you’re around.”

“That’s true,” he smiled. He got quiet for a moment, “Thank you Josephine.”

“For what?” she asked.

“For giving me a real life, a family, a real reason for being,” he said.

“Anthony,” she said, “All I did was love you.”

“And that’s just what I needed,” he said, “And I have you to thank for that. I love you Cara Mia.”

“I love you too Anthony,” she said.

He kissed her lips and soon they lay down in the bed. They lay for a long time with their daughter between them. They already knew that eventually they would have more children but they also agreed not right away. Soon it was time for Belle to eat and he watched as Josey nursed their daughter. He couldn’t believe how close he had come to losing them both. Thank God it was over now, all that was left was memories that were getting fainter with each passing day.

Anthony held his wife in his arms feeling her relax against him. She held their daughter and he couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t know what the future held for them but he hoped it would continue to get better and be free of ghosts from the past.

The End


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