Birthday: Born in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 23,1970

Spouse: Rhonda Tollefson

Children: son, Atticus, daughter Finley

Siblings: Older brother & sister and younger half sister.

Father lives in Germany

Mother lives in Israel

The words above make up only give you a tidbit of who Oded really is. So, I will attempt to tell you using my own words and what I have found out about him in doing research. He was reared in Tel Aviv, Israel. His father is of German descent and his mother is Dutch-Spanish descent. His older siblings were born in the United States while his father was a scientist here. Oded was born after the family moved to Israel. His parents divorced when he was 15 and his father moved to Frankfurt, Germany to start a business there.

At age 18 he entered into his compulsory service in Israel joining the Israel Defense Forces Army/Navy. His time of service was during the Gulf War. While in the Navy he spent most of his time doing intelligence and counter-intelligence work though he never did anything physically dangerous. This unknowingly helped in his present career of acting when he played 'Frank Donovan' in UC Undercover. "I loved the work - a lot of it applies to my job on UC Undercover. I know how to infiltrate small groups, gather information, and set up security procedures and use all kinds of surveillance equipment," Oded said in an interview with TV Close Up, November 2001.

After his tour was over he qualified for three different universities: "Tel Aviv University for business and Haifa for psychology and Jerusalem for something else, just in case," he said in an interview. Oded decided to spend some time with his father while studying business administration at a local university in Frankfurt. "I was convinced that I would work for my father's marketing and communications company, but lost interest six months later," he recalls in the same interview with TV Close Up. "The only thing that kept my sanity was a drama course at the English Theatre in Frankfort." He then decided he wanted to be an actor from the moment he stepped on the stage in a production of David Mamet's "Sexual Perversion in Chicago". His father surprised him by approving of his career choice. Telling him to learn the art of acting by going to the best school there was.

So, he chose the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England. He enrolled from 1994-1997 at the school then moved to London to ply his acting classes in an obscure stage production of "Don Juan Comes Back From the War". He got bit parts in two British series The Knock and Killer Net, but that was not giving him enough income to live on, so he worked odd jobs including security at El Al, the Israeli Airlines. He felt his acting career was not getting off to a good start and decided he had nothing to lose when he heard of auditions for the character of 'Ardeth Bay', he auditioned in front of director, Stephen Somers and got the part changing his life and giving him a fresh start in his career of acting. Oded has said in many interviews that he owes his career to Stephen Somers. Somers had the ending of The Mummy rewritten, just so he could keep Oded for the sequel, "The Mummy Returns". Oded thinks that everyone will figure out one day he can't act and his career will be over. Although, he has had been in two cancelled TV show (due to the networks not giving them a chance; not because of his acting abilities) plus has been in such movies as "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo", "Texas Rangers", "Cleopatra", "Arabian Nights", "Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and Resident Evil: Extinction", Oded is slowly establishing himself as a memorable actor.

Oded proved his acting skills when he won the lead in Sleeper Cell a two season Mini Series for Showtime. He was brilliant as Faris al Farik the head of the Sleeper Cell infiltrated by a FBI agent. Some say he was bone chillingly devious as the character. That is how I would describe him as well. Along with Sleeper Cell, he has made several TV guest appearances on shows such as Medium, Eleventh Hour, Charmed, and Burn Notice. All the characters were evil to some extent and Oded played them convincingly. He was to join the show Three Rivers however, CBS decided to cancel it before we could see him in it. However, I did hear they are going to show some of the taped shows during the summer so maybe we will see him.

Oded has a large fan following and many fan fiction stories are out there using the characters he has portrayed and has even inspired a few original characters. He has made quite an impression on the lady fans especially with his handsome looks and incredible smile. He also made quite an impression on Rhonda Tollefson. They met at a dinner party following the premiere of the Los Angeles Opera season; Oded claims that it was not as romantic as it sounds. "We ended up sitting next to each other, chatting and we became friends," he said in the article for TV Close Up. "By the time I proposed, I kind of knew she would say yes. And we got married about a year later."

He did have a difficult time convincing Rhonda he was a regular guy. Not like some actors who would like to date a producer just to get work. Oded did win her over though and says this about his wife. "She's a wonderful woman and I'm a very lucky man." They married in December 2000.

When asked the question by NYPOST.COM: What he would be doing if not acting, he said the following. "I love kids so I think I would be a kindergarten teacher. I actually think some days of chucking it all and opening a preschool."

Oded and Rhonda both love children and in January of 2003 their first child Atticus was born. Named after the lead character in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird" Oded's favorite book. Oded now has a daughter as well who they named Finley who was born in February of 2006, origin of the name is unknown at this time.

Oded is very much the epitome of a family man. I have seen pictures of him fishing with his son and coaching him at a T-ball game. Whenever he is interviewed, you can see the sparkle in his eyes when he talks about his children.

Will Oded ever be an acting icon like Cary Grant or John Wayne? In my opinion, yes he will. But to Hollywood he goes virtually unnoticed which is their loss and ours. He deserves a lead role in a movie or TV series and I hope someday he gets one.

In summary, Oded Fehr is a lot of things. A consummate actor, father, friend, and husband. To his fans around the world, he is their shining star.