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News! & Notes!

Recently another of my authors passed away from cancer. The DreamyOne (aka Shelley Jolly). Shelley was a friend and mentor. She inspired me to have my book published a few years ago. She helped me edit and in doing so she made me a better writer. I will be leaving her stories on the site in honor of her. They are all finished stories.

I will miss her very much. R.I.P. my dear friend.

 I recently found out that the author we called Morrighan (aka Linda), passed away in April of 2017. I will be taking her stories offline due to them not being finished. I was co-writing a story with her as well. I will be taking it down too. I would like to finish it someday, but right now time is not allowing me to do so.

 There are a few new pictures floating around the internet. they were taken by a wonderful photographer by the name of Emily Sandifer. Click here to see her site.



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